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Farrah Abraham threw an adorable party for her daughter’s birthday (PHOTOS)

Farrah Abraham is definitely learning that the haters gonna hate.

But we hope, this time at least, she pulls a Taylor Swift and shakes it off. Because the birthday party she threw for her daughter, Sophia, was adorable and age-appropriate.

Of course, Abraham isn’t without her faults. The Teen Mom star is, after all, making a living with a “celebrity sex tape” (i.e. a porno) and by selling sex toys. Not the best example for a 6-year-old. But at least she’s keeping these things away from her daughter. (We hope!)

Sophia is makeup-free and completely covered for her glamorous red carpet party. Friends and family celebrated together while letting the 6-year-old feel like a princess for a day. What little girl doesn’t love dressing up?
Even Abraham’s boyfriend, Simon Saran, was there to celebrate and looked like he fit nicely into the family fold, even cutting the cake with Abraham’s dad.
Abraham herself toned it down for the event. Instead of her normally extreme push-up bra and skimpy apparel, the mom chose an appropriate dress with a longer hem for a natural look.

The party was Oscar-themed because Sophia’s birthday this year coincided with the Oscars, which aired last night. Her party looked just as fun as the real deal — with a red carpet, a photo booth and “paparazzi” to cap off the effect.

Of course, I didn’t have a personal photo shoot at my parties, but that was in the days before smartphones and social media, so it’s understandable that Abraham would want to show off her little lady with some glam pics.

Sophia’s biological father, Derek, tragically died in a car accident just two months before Sophia was born. Abraham told Wetpaint that she does talk to Sophia about her father and works to keep his memory alive.

News recently broke that Abraham will be returning to MTV for a spinoff reality series called Teen Mom OG, which stands for “Original Girls.” Abraham told E! Online her decision to return had to do with her daughter.

“I think Teen Mom is important for the children and their futures. And I think it holds some good opportunities for Sophia and her future.”

Does that mean Abraham is grooming her daughter for the spotlight?

Do you think Abraham’s red carpet-themed birthday party was appropriate for her 6-year-old daughter?

Photo credit: Instagram/Jennifer Polson

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