Tom Hanks’ son makes a music video that literally makes us sick (VIDEO)

Tom Hanks’ other son, who is not Colin Hanks, fancies himself the next Robin Thicke and just released a music video that really grossed us out.

Chet Hanx, the artist formerly known as Chet Haze, dropped the video for his new song, “The Thirst,” on YouTube, and unfortunately, it is not about yearning for a tasty beverage. Oh, if only it were.

It is actually about large quantities of vaginal lubrication. So gross, you guys. Not only are the lyrics to this not safe for work, we’d venture so far as to say this is not safe for life.

Watch the video for Chet Hanx’s song “The Thirst”:

“Drip, drip, drip…” Why is it green? We can’t. We just cannot.

Regardless of the quality of the subject matter, we’re happy that Chet is channeling his energy into something productive. Last fall, 24-year-old Chet revealed that he had been battling drug addiction since he was 16 and had been to rehab earlier that year.

While Chet’s latest artistic endeavor might not highlight his talent to its fullest, we do have to commend him for trying to follow his dream and not just riding his father’s coattails through life. But maybe dear ol’ dad could provide him with just a little career guidance?


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