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Emma Watson is definitely not dating Prince Harry because she said so

When the rumours about Prince Harry dating Emma Watson started circulating last week we didn’t believe them for a second.

OK, maybe we did. Because who wouldn’t want to see our joint-favourite prince getting together with one of the country’s most awesome, badass young women, who’s not only a super talented actress but a fabulous feminist role model for her generation?

Alas, it isn’t to be. Watson herself has put the rumours to bed in the most brilliant way:

Too vague? Well her follow-up tweet should leave us in no doubt as to what she’s talking about: 

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This is the video Watson linked to — a standout scene from the 1995 film A Little Princess in which Sara Crewe tries to persuade her boarding school headmistress Miss Minchin that all little girls are princesses, no matter where they come from, what they look like, or how rich or clever they are. It’s worth watching just for a little reminder.

Video credit: MOVIECLIPS/YouTube

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