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Justin Bartha was creepy and sexist 4 times in less than a minute (VIDEO)

In The Hangover, Justin Bartha plays a sweet groom-to-be who seems totally respectful of his almost-wife and her family’s feelings. In real life, however, it looks like Bartha has a penchant for being a bit of a jerk.

In a recent sideline interview at a New York Knicks game, the actor repeatedly ignored social cues that he was making female reporter Jill Martin extremely uncomfortable during her “New York Minute” segment. Martin very politely deflected Bartha’s physical advance and rude comments at first, but the actor persisted with his line of joking with Martin, even after she made it obvious that she felt he was being inappropriate.

Image: YouTube

Social media commenters have defended Bartha by insisting he was just joking around, and saying Martin was doing her job improperly by not playing along with the actor. True, it’s in a journalist’s job description to roll with some punches and be able to improv while live. However, the line is drawn when an interviewee is making unwanted advances and sexual implications about the interviewer. Bottom line, the exchange wouldn’t have gone down the way it did if Martin was a man. If Bartha didn’t want to answer the questions presented during the interview, he could have politely declined to talk with the reporter in the first place.

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We can speculate that Bartha was drinking a bit during the basketball game, which is never an excuse, but might be the reason for these four times he was super-sexist and creepy in a very short amount of time.

1. He immediately puts his arm around Martin

We have a feeling that’s not how he starts off most interviews. Martin was very obviously caught off-guard and tries to brush off both the physical advance and the comment Bartha makes about her appearance.

2. He references his own child

While talking about your new baby during an interview is usually endearing, in this instance it just ups the creepy factor. Bartha says, “I just had a kid, so I haven’t gotten out much,” which makes it even more strange that he continues to harass Martin, despite his own daughter being on his mind.

3. He implies that Martin is infatuated with Bradley Cooper

Yes, it’s a common opinion that Bradley Cooper is hot. Bartha’s joke about Martin chasing his Hangover costar might have been acceptable if he left it with a one-line quip. Martin’s not cool with the reference, and Bartha killed the joke. Like, ran it over with a steamroller, backed over it again in reverse and then ran over it again, killed it. All in all, Bartha says Cooper’s name six times during the interview and references the American Sniper actor even more than that.

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4. He alludes to a threesome with Martin

When Martin tries to change the subject from her alleged obsession with Cooper by asking about the possibility of another Hangover sequel, Bartha quickly answers, “No. There’s no chance. No. There may be, you know, maybe we can do something, like, me and you and maybe we can get Bradley to come and do…” Super classy.

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