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Jessa Duggar’s adoption plans put on hold

Some bad news for Jessa Duggar and hubby about their future family plans.

It was just last week when Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald announced to the world that they want to get rocking and rolling on expanding their family, even if it was biologically. The young newlyweds said they want to adopt “a lot of kids” and have reportedly even begun researching the process. It was that research that revealed a big hitch in their plans and ultimately put a halt to their fast-tracked adoption plans.

What they discovered is that most adoption agencies require a couple to be married for at least two years before they can begin the adoption process.

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Bummer for the couple.

So, this gives them some time to either get pregnant, which I am sure each of their very large families would love to see happen since most in the Duggar family are all but expected to begin breeding immediately after saying, ‘I do.’ But it is also a good thing because even though the couple wants a large family, such as the ones each of them comes from, they say they are in no hurry to have kids.

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This also gives them a chance to do a little living before plunging head first into parenthood. After all, Seewald is only 19 years old, and Duggar is just a few years ahead of him. Not that either of them don’t have experience helping with small children since Duggar herself has siblings as young as 4 years old, but it’s a whole other ballgame when that little baby is all yours.

Hopefully, this is just a little speed bump on the way to kids for the couple who so clearly want a large family like their parents.

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