Dakota Johnson unfairly bullied for just showing up at the Oscars

Talk about #50ShadesOfAwkward! Why are people hate-tweeting on Dakota Johnson so hard?

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All right, we admit it — Dakota Johnson‘s red carpet interview was… awkward. But we also understand how weird it could be to discuss your role in a super-sexy movie with your mother at your side. On the one hand, you want to promote your film, and it may not sound good for your own mother to admit she won’t see the movie. On the other hand? She’s your mom!

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So we can’t blame the women for a little mother-daughter spat.

But the internet sure can! Check out some of these nasty tweets being hurled at Johnson.

Of course, not everyone got harsh. Some just got downright Fifty Shades about it.

Whatever, internet! Just because Dakota Johnson plays the sub to Jamie Dornan‘s dom doesn’t make her a punching bag for the rest of us. We think the mother/daughter duo looked beautiful, and their awkward moment just made them feel all the more real to us.

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