10 Moments we’d love to see repeated at the Brit Awards 2015

As The Brit Awards 2015 arrive at The O2 Arena this week the nominees should take a look back at these classic Brits moments to ensure they give us a night to remember.

If there’s one thing that really distinguishes the Brit Awards from its American counterparts it’s the fact that anything could happen when the winners get on stage to collect their awards. While artists usually make sure they thank their team and loved ones, emotional speeches are too soppy and self-indulgent for the Brits. Instead you’re more likely to see a winner making a political statement, taking a pop at one of their rivals or simply proving that the best pop stars are a little bit loopy.

Liam Gallagher (2010)

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Liam Gallagher has brought his fair share of controversy to the Brits. His bad behaviour may have peaked in the ’90s but in 2010 he showed he hadn’t grown out of it when he collected the prize for Best British Album of the last 30 Years. He swore then threw his microphone and award into the crowd.

Robbie Williams (2005)

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It was a surreal moment when Robbie Williams picked up an award from Matt Lucas and David Walliams, who were dressed as his ex-Take That bandmates, Gary Barlow and Howard Donald. Robbie responded with the cutting remark, “Sorry Gary, but I was always the talented member of the band.”

Prince (1995)

Another pop star who tried to make a political statement in his Brits acceptance speech was Prince, but all he achieved was confusing the viewers. He wrote “SLAVE” on his cheek and rambled, “Prince… Prince… best… Prince… best? Better… in concert… perfectly free.”

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Björk (1998)

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It’s not just the British musicians who provide memorable moments at The Brits. One of the classic acceptance speeches of the ’90s came from the delightfully eccentric Icelandic singer Björk, who famously described herself as a “grateful grapefruit” when she won Best International Female.

Arctic Monkeys (2008)

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It’s surprising that the Arctic Monkeys were ever invited back after they mocked The Brit School while accepting the Album of the Year Award in 2008. The Brit School and the Brit Awards are both funded by the British Record Industry Trust. The comments were cut from the TV broadcast.

David Bowie (2014)

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David Bowie managed to cause controversy at The Brit Awards without even attending. In 2014 he asked Kate Moss to accept Best Male Solo Artist on his behalf and sent her a message to read out. It included a comment on the upcoming Scottish referendum: “Scotland, stay with us.”

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Joss Stone (2007)

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British music fans like to see their homegrown stars staying true to their roots so when Joss Stone turned up at The Brits 2007 with a newly adopted American accent viewers were amused but not impressed. In fact the singer, who is actually from Devon, hasn’t had a top 40 hit since.

Spice Girls (1997)

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The Spice Girls’ most memorable moment at the Brit Awards was their performance in 1997, where Geri wore the famous Union Jack dress. Their acceptance speech was also unforgettable, as Mel C responded to nasty comments Liam Gallagher had made with “come and have a go if you think you’re hard enough!”

One Direction (2014)

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Harry Styles had an embarrassing moment when One Direction won the Brit Award for Global Success last year. His four bandmates had to take to the stage without him before he ran through The O2 to join them moments later. He explained, “I was having a wee,” then asked “What did we win?”

Brandon Block (2000)

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You don’t have to win an award to embarrass yourself at The Brits. Long before Kanye West became known for invading acceptance speeches drunk DJ Brandon Block jumped on stage to collect an award he hadn’t won. His punishment was a glass of water over the head from Ronnie Wood.

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