14 Signs you should have your own reality show

Have you ever caught yourself in a situation that is so completely whacked out, you can’t believe it’s actually happening? Then you have a moment of clarity and realize, “Hey, this s*** happens to me all the time! I should totally be on TV.”

A lot of people are addicted to reality television, but let’s be honest: for some of us, these shows aren’t that different from actual life.

Here are 14 signs you need to turn off the boob tube and start campaigning for a show of your own.

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1. You have an on-again/off-again/on-again/off-again relationship

Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick

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You deeply relate to Selena Gomez and often sit in your car listening to “The Heart Wants What It Wants” over and over again as you sob uncontrollably into the steering wheel.

2. All of your best lovers have been married

Kim Zolciak

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You can’t help it if all of the good ones are already taken.

3. You’ve hurled at least one cocktail/glass of wine in someone’s face

Tamra Barney

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But they totally deserved it.

4. You broke up with your BFF over your BF

Lauren Conrad and Heidi Montag

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She just doesn’t see the real him like you do.

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5. You’re an incredibly ugly crier, but you bawl openly in front of people all of the time anyway

Kim Kardashian

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And you can’t understand why people keep laughing when you’re obviously in so much emotional pain.

6. All of your kids’ names begin with the same letter

The Duggars

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Not only is it adorable, but if you forget one your children’s names, you can just yell out their first initial and it won’t be wrong.

7. You love to fight

Momma D

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It’s just so cathartic.

8. Your best friend also happens to be your worst enemy

Tamra Judge and Vicki Gunvalson

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You can’t quit her.

9. You live with a bunch of girls who all have the exact same taste in men

Desiree Hartsock

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And you’re devastated when the guy you’re totally in love with hooks up with one of your roommates, but you keep seeing him anyway because you just know he’s “the one.”

10. You often refer to yourself in the third person

Porsha Williams

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Because sometimes even you can’t believe have fabulous you are.

11. What was supposed to be a quiet dinner with friends never turns out that way

Teresa Giudice

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Seriously though, you weren’t even planning on drinking that night.

12. When you sing in the shower, you swear it’s a combo of Fergie and Jesus

Nicki Minaj

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Now if you could only convince everybody else of your talent.

13. After a long night of clubbing, you often find your roommate has brought home 10 of their closest friends


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Why does one of them always have the audacity to disrespect you in your own house?

14. People are always preoccupied with your sex life

Danielle Staub

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And you really can’t understand why.


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