Snoop Dogg and Jimmy Kimmel make a sick, disappointing Cosby joke (VIDEO)

Snoop Dogg made an incredibly tasteless rape joke on Jimmy Kimmel last night, but the host was more concerned with bleeping out a swear word.

As part of his continuing commitment to educate children about wildlife (insert eye roll here), Snoop appeared in a skit called “Plizzanet Earth — Cold-blooded Seal” and examined the sometime peculiar and violent mating habits of sea creatures, in particular a gigantic fur seal trying to mate with a helpless king penguin.

The penguin, unable to escape, becomes a victim twice: once of the seal, and once of Snoop’s disgusting Bill Cosby joke that mocks sexual assault victims everywhere.

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Watch Snoop Dogg’s gross Bill Cosby joke

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“Aw no, cuz, this n**** is screwing a penguin, cuz. He’s cold-blooded. He went Bill Cosby on her, cuz. Look at him,” Snoop gleefully proclaims, then breaks into a full-on Cosby impression: “Puttin’ in, puttin’ in that pudding.”

Think very carefully about that. Snoop is working on the assumption that Cosby did in fact assault the women accusing him, and he is making a joke at their expense. He thinks rape is fodder for late-night laughs.

And notice too that Kimmel, who is obviously OK with rape jokes, also didn’t bother to have the n-word bleeped — but later in the skit bleeped out “you gotta look at that shit.”

The word “shit” is more offensive to Kimmel and network censors than racial slurs and rape jokes.

We think they should have taken a cue from Eddie Murphy’s refusal to participate in Saturday Night Live‘s Cosby joke on the show’s anniversary special. Next time, skip the perpetuation of rape culture and move on to something that is actually funny, because this is not it.


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