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Marriage Boot Camp teaches Spencer Pratt a valuable lesson this week (VIDEO)

In case you are unfamiliar with Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars, it’s a series that focuses on the relationships of reality stars — and the latest episode is explosive.

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On Friday’s episode of Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars, titled The Exorcism, you can expect a lot of drama as couples therapists and husband-and-wife duo Jim and Elizabeth Carroll try to help the celeb couples find out if there is a future for their relationships by putting them through a tough challenge: coming face-to-face with their personal demons.

One person in particular who is struggling to let go of his anger stemming from something that happened to him in the past is Spencer Pratt. Pratt rose to fame in the reality TV series The Hills, and quickly earned a name for himself as the villain of the show. And it appears that what haunts Pratt the most is a TV producer.

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In a preview of the clip Pratt explains, “I’m angry with a former television producer that I worked with.”

Pratt comes face-to-face with the man who wronged him (reenacted by therapist Jim Carroll) and immediately asks him, “How do you sleep at night?”

A massive blowout ensues, and some little gems from their dialogue include, “I sold your soul and I get little pieces of it every day!” and Spencer saying, “I’d knock you the f*** out but it’s not worth f***ing cleaning up blood.”

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Toward the end of the clip it appears that there might be a more peaceful outcome, as the “producer” tells Spencer, “I want to know how bad I hurt you, not how much I made you angry.”

Will Spencer resolve his issues? You’ll have to watch tonight’s show at 9/8c to find out. But for now, watch the video below.

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