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Big Sean’s song ‘Research’ exposes Naya Rivera and all their relationship woes

We had our reservations when Big Sean claimed that “IDFWY” wasn’t about his ex-fiancée, Naya Rivera, but that’s not to say the MC isn’t going to play passive with his ex, either. Just listen to his new single, “Research,” featuring his current girlfriend, Ariana Grande.

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On the almost-four-minute track, Big Sean goes in on how crazy his former flame is atop a bouncy mid-tempo beat that includes Grande’s echoing vocals on loop. To be fair, the G.O.O.D. Music rapper offers a bit of understanding to the female in question on the track, calling her “misunderstood.” However, it’s really all downhill from there when he says she has evil in her eyes as she sneaks her way into all his voice mails and e-mail inboxes. It’s just plain messy.

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On the second verse, he also name-drops some other hip-hop heavyweights like Chris Brown, Drake and Meek Mill, insinuating that there was a lot more going on when it came to Rivera’s relations with them. “OK, I know you did some research, well shit, I did, too/I saw you wearin’ Drake’s chain like you were part of his crew/I saw you chillin’ with Meek Mill up at the summer jam oooh,” he spits.

Grande takes over repetitive hook duties as she croons with her Mariah-esque vocals on the track, which will be featured on Big Sean’s upcoming Dark Sky Paradise LP, which drops Feb. 24.

Speaking with E! News, Big Sean said that he was looking forward to working with Grande on a professional level. “We were both able to just put our situation set aside and just be artists and, you know, be creative,” the MC said. “Because that’s real situations people go through and sometimes it’s just about making music that people can relate to.”

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Listen to the track and tell us what you think of Big Sean’s allegations!

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