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Shocking Sister Wives announcement comes out about the controversial divorce

Who was actually behind the idea for Sister Wives patriarch, Kody Brown, to divorce his first — and only legal — wife, Meri?

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When news of the divorce hit in February, fans of the show assumed Kody orchestrated the divorce. But a new teaser for Sister Wives‘ Season 5 finale reveals that may not have been the case.

From the video, it looks like it may have been Meri who wanted the split, which freed Kody to legally wed his fourth — and youngest — “spiritual wife,” Robyn.

“I am divorcing Kody,” Meri announces in the video, to which Kody responds, during a confessional session, “The word ‘divorce’ is like shattering glass.”

We also see Meri signing the divorce papers, admitting, “My heart is pounding,” as she starts to cry.

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TMZ broke news of the divorce earlier this month. Kody said in past interviews that the decision was one that he and his four wives made together — that they needed to “legally restructure” their family in order to provide certain benefits, including insurance coverage, to Robyn’s three children from a previous marriage. All of Kody’s other children, since they are his blood relatives, are covered whether or not he is legally married to their mothers.

Not surprisingly, the teaser video shows that the divorce decision has the family in some upheaval. Robyn sheds some tears and Janelle, one of Kody’s other wives, wonders if the divorce will “change the dynamic” of the family.

The Season 5 finale airs March 1 and TLC is promising answers for all the fans wondering what this means for the family. The network said in a statement, “In the season finale, additional details emerge that add clarity to Meri’s decision to divorce Kody and the family’s decision to take the additional step of Robyn marrying Kody.”

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What do you think of the Sister Wives divorce? Who do you think was behind the idea? How do you think it will affect the Brown family? Head down to the comments and tell us your take.

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