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Waka Flocka’s ‘No Hands’ inspires an amputee to dance like no one’s watching

Tons of viral videos take over the blogosphere every single day, but there’s something special about seeing a video with an inspiring message, and that’s exactly what happened with Lexi Daniels.

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Daniels, a 15-year-old teen who was born without her right hand, has taken the internet by storm with one kick-ass dance performance, which was uploaded to YouTube earlier this week. Here’s what went down: Lexi and her dance group recently competed in the JUMP Dance Convention, which takes place in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Aside from the competition, she and her troops also had the opportunity to take a class with one pretty well-known choreographer by the name of Will “WilldaBeast” Adams. Now if you don’t know the guy, then you better brush up on his work because he’s collaborated with quite a few folks, including Usher, the Black Eyed Peas and Jason Derulo.

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WilldaBeast was so impressed with Daniels’ moves during the class that he uploaded her performance to YouTube. Now, before you go thinking that it’s sort of insulting or even awkward that she’s dancing to a remix of “No Hands” by Waka Flocka Flame, just wait until you see her kill the moves. At time of press, the video had already racked up over 165,000 views.

In the description for the video, the choreographer wrote, “Everything I love about dance. Had to call this girl out and give her light and make her feel special, because she is. #inspired This is why I love my career. How you make people feel is the best memory. Thankful for how I just felt (sic).”

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