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6 Details of Jill Duggar’s all-natural birthing plan

In just a few weeks, the Duggar family is going to be even bigger!

Only months after their June 2014 wedding, Jill Duggar Dillard and her husband, Derick Dillard, announced their pregnancy, as well as their plans to have an all-natural at-home birth, and as Jill’s March due date draws near, the couple is busy getting ready for their new arrival. Though they undoubtedly have the nervous jitters that most first-time parents do, the couple says they are more than prepared for the birth of their baby, who they affectionately refer to as “Baby Dilly.”

I feel great, I feel really good,” Jill told People magazine. “He’s moving around a lot and doing a lot of rolling.” The 19 Kids and Counting star also posted a picture to Facebook last week, looking very pregnant but happy.

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Giving birth at home can be a scary concept for new parents, but the Duggar/Dillard clan has a full-blown plan in place. In addition to their unique baby registry, check out all of the preparations they’ve gone through to get ready for Baby Dilly.

1. They have secured all the necessary supplies

When you’re not going through labor in a hospital, you better believe you need to have all the necessary supplies at home, and the couple says they’re making sure it’s all covered. “We’re getting the birthing pool, things like that,” Derick told People. “We have a bassinet and a crib.”

2. They’ve designated a team to help during labor

Let’s be real, in the Duggar family, labor and delivery is not an uncommon occurrence and everyone is on board to help usher Baby Dilly into the world. “My sisters, mom and Derick’s mom are available as errand runners,” Jill said.

3. There’s a midwife army in place

Jill is actually a trained midwife herself and she will also have more than one professional midwife on hand during labor. She says her sister, Jana, will also be present to help during delivery.

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4. They’ve attended birthing classes

According to the couple, they’ve been taking Bradley Method birthing classes and when the big moment comes, Derick is going to be leading the way for Jill. “Yeah, [it’s] a husband-coached birth,” Jill told E! in October. “So that he can know how to help me in labor and pregnancy — and that’s what I want the most, is for him to know what to do when it comes.” This also means that Derick will be instrumental in keeping Jill relaxed and able to cope with pain without medication.

5. Jill has kept up her physical activity

Studies show that keeping active while pregnant can be beneficial during the actual pregnancy and while giving birth, according to Jill has definitely made an effort to keep moving while expecting. “Walking at the gym this morning while listening to a sermon by Pastor Rick Warren on the #OnePlace app!” she captioned an Instagram photo last month.

6. They’re preparing mentally and spiritually

Last week, Jill posted a photo with some inspirational religious messages, including, “With God all things are possible.” “I was encouraged this morning by these messages on our coasters,” Jill wrote in the caption.
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