2 Broke Girls slammed for indigenous racial slur

The popular American comedy, 2 Broke Girls, has left Australian viewers angry and unimpressed after making an insensitive and racist joke about Australia’s first people.

It happened in just the first few minutes of the episode called “Fun Factory”, which aired on Channel Nine this week. More than 300,000 people tuned in, but it wasn’t much fun, really.

The opening scenes showed a male talking about an Australian woman he had been talking to and flirting with online, revealing, “She’s part Aboriginal, but she has a great personality!”

As you can imagine, viewers were left mortified and confused about by the writers and producers allowed the blatantly racist joke to get the green light. Viewers also targeted Channel Nine, asking them to remove the program altogether.

“You need to cancel Two Broke Girls… The line ‘She’s part Aboriginal, BUT she has a great personality!’ And everyone laughs in response is NOT ACCEPTABLE & RACIST (sic),” said one viewer, Tracey.

“Wow!! Appalled by the racist comment on Two Broke Girls tonight. ‘She’s part aboriginal but she’s got a nice personality (sic),'” said another.

“Wow! Just had a massive WTF moment while watching Two Broke Girls…The restaurant owner wanted his iPad back because he was involved in an online flirtation with a girl from Australia who was…’Part Aboriginal, but she has a great personality’… I am absolutely disgusted!!!!!!! Channel 9, are you aware that you are airing a show that is blatantly racist (sic)?”

Other fans took to Twitter, including The Block star, Chantelle Ford.

What do you think? Will you be tuning out and turning off 2 Broke Girls? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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