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Jay Z may be the daddy of a long-lost love child

Does Jay Z have a love child? Well, a man named Rymir Satterthwaite certainly thinks so.

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Jay Z, whose real name is Shawn Corey Carter, has reportedly been hit with a paternity suit. The child in question is 21-year-old aspiring rapper Satterthwaite, who claims that the “Run This Town” hit maker had a relationship with his mother, Wanda, during the ’90s.

The hookup is believed to have taken place long before Jay Z’s marriage to Beyoncé, and before he was a mega-famous, multi-millionaire, TMZ reports. And Satterthwaite, along with his legal guardian Lillie Coley, have now filed a suit in New Jersey that claims Jay Z submitted fraudulent information to the court to intentionally discredit his paternity claim.

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According to TMZ, the suit was handwritten by Coley and alleges that Jay Z is refusing to take a paternity test. These actions are said to have caused Satterthwaite both emotional and financial damage.

However, this is not the first time that Jay Z and Beyoncé have had some strange paternity claims, because back in August of 2014, a woman named Tina Seals claimed that she was actually Blue Ivy’s mom and filed a maternity suit against the power couple.

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Whether this young man is truly Jay Z’s son or not remains to be seen, but it will be interesting to see what happens next.

But for now, tell us: What do you think of the claims that Jay Z has a love child?

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