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Iggy Azalea body-shamed into quitting social media

We don’t blame Iggy Azalea for getting fed up with the internet and quitting it altogether.

Quite frankly, we want to do the same thing sometimes.

According to the “Fancy” singer, she returned from a Hawaiian vacay to find that photos of her had been circulating. The photos show the pop star in a red bikini, looking amazing I might add, but the only thing the internet can focus on is the fact that she has a little bit of cellulite.

Utter frustration is the only thing I can express as to why someone can think it’s OK to take these photos and then why people think it is then OK to sit around and talk about how terrible they think she looks.

The women of the world are collectively exasperated and are currently shaking their heads in disgust.

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Now, Azalea has never had the best time dealing with trolls of all kinds on Twitter, but she always has, for the most part, managed to at least stay mildly professional when people try to drag her through the mud, famous or not. But she has finally had enough. And she decided to step away from social media with the best, most level-headed responses to hate ever.

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Can you imagine for just one second what your life would be like if someone were constantly following you and looking to shoot the most unflattering photos they could get? Mortifying, right? Celebrities deserve to have their privacy honored, too.

And these photos of Azalea aren’t even bad! If anything, the photos prove her body is real, and real beautiful.

And when the internet got really ugly with her, she continued with this tweet:

It sucks that because people have to be terrible on the internet that it breaks down communication between entertainers and their fans. But Azalea realizes and hopefully her fans understand that she needs to have peace and a peace of mind, as well as be happy, too.

So with that, Iggy told her fans she would be stepping away from her accounts:

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While I let you gather your thoughts and calm down, let me say this: I think what Azalea has done is the only way to combat the internet hate. Don’t feed the beast, rise above it. Give the fire no oxygen. It is terrible that body shaming continues to happen. Men are almost never held to these standards or scrutinized to the level of abuse women are on a daily basis (not that it doesn’t happen, but let’s be honest, it just doesn’t happen as often).

And until platforms like Twitter find a way to filter the hate (if they are able to at all), women are just going to have to remove themselves from the hate equation. Take back the power from the haters by not letting them have any power over you.

We totally support Azalea’s decision to step away from the internet, and hope that when she feels she is ready to come back, at least a little has changed.

Here’s to hoping, and here’s what I have to say to the Twitter body shamers:

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