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Rihanna reportedly dating Leo DiCaprio’s friend Richie Akiva — who is he?

Given the chance, who wouldn’t date Leonardo DiCaprio?

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But despite persistent rumors circulating since New Year’s that Rihanna has been secretly dating the Wolf of Wall Street actor, it looks like it isn’t actually the case. She has the next best thing, though — Leo’s best friend, Richie Akiva.

When you think about it, it explains a lot of the rumors: that Rihanna and Leo vacationed together over New Year’s, that they were “staring into each other’s eyes” at Paul McCartney’s Valentine’s Day show and that they spent Valentine’s weekend together, hitting hotspots in New York City, including, notably, 1 OAK, a club favored by stars.

If Rihanna is actually dating Richie, it totally makes sense that his best bud, Leo, would be around, sparking the rumors. And here’s an important detail: Richie is one of the owners of 1 OAK, where he frequently hangs out with not only Leo, but also stars like Jay Z, Jamie Foxx and Naomi Campbell, the Daily Mail reports.

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According to the Daily Mail, Richie has been around every time Rihanna and Leo have been linked in the last few months. He and RiRi reportedly met while on vacation in St. Barths, which is where Rihanna was rumored to have hooked up with Leo. And, according to Instagram shots, Richie was at 1 OAK on Feb. 13, which is the night Rihanna and Leo supposedly got cozy. One shot even shows Richie and Rihanna together — though Dave Chappelle and Naomi Campbell are sitting in between the pair.

I’m not going to lie — given the choice between dating Leonardo DiCaprio and his best friend, I’d pick Leo all the way. But Richie sounds like he’s a catch, too. In addition to 1 OAK, he’s opened the clubs Butter and the G Spa and Lounge, as well as the dinner club, The Darby. In addition to that, he’s a part owner of the company that makes OSO energy drinks.

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Who do you think is a better fit for Rihanna — Leo DiCaprio or his best bud, Richie Akiva? Sound off down in the comments!

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