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Big Women: Did anyone else see this breakup coming? (VIDEO)

Someone is heading towards a breakup in our exclusive clip from the first season finale of Big Women: Big Love.

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The ladies have had a lot of bad dates this season. The queen of bad dates seems to be poor Jenn. That girl has gone out with so many losers, it’s a miracle she wants to keep trying for romance at all. She did end up with one guy who was actually quite nice, but there was no spark, which just showed once again how hard dating can be.

Some of the other ladies on the show haven’t fared much better. Sabrina managed to break past the barrier of a first date and actually got to a third date with a guy, only to have him dump her via text. Mar kept going out to clubs and making out with any guy willing, but that didn’t get her very far, either. Jessica was stood up by her ex, but she did have a couple good dates, so there may be hope for her yet.

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One person who has had a little bit more luck this season has been Kristi. After going to the Supersize Your Love Life seminar, Kristi realized that maybe her method of picking up men wasn’t the best. She used shock and humor as if she was trying to get guys to forget she was overweight, but it wasn’t working for her. When a girl like Jenn gets losers, you wonder why because she’s pretty nice, but when a girl like Kristi gets them, you can see exactly why it could happen.

In our exclusive clip from the finale, Kristi is headed to her date with Jefferson. The two of them met under better conditions (at least, Kristi wasn’t drunk off her butt at the time), but their relationship still hasn’t been perfect. Picking up on some warning signs, mostly the fact that Jefferson seemed to be lying to her about some important things, Kristi decides to do what’s best for her daughter and break up with him. How will Jefferson take the news?

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Check out how their meeting starts out in the clip below. Then be sure to catch the season finale of Big Women: Big Love when it airs Tuesday, Feb. 18 at 10/9c on Lifetime.

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