SPOILER: The Vampire Diaries‘ long-awaited return won’t be a happy one

Bonnie is finally heading back to the present on The Vampire Diaries.

And as all you fans know, that’s a fact worth jumping for joy over, since her character has been absent from the real heart of the show for so long now. Just when we thought she was going to get axed from the show for good, producers revealed she will, in fact, be making her big return. This week.

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Her timing comes at a really good point… for the other characters so that she kind of shows up right when they need kinda of a boost of friend energy,” executive producer Caroline Dries told TV Guide during a recent interview.

Bonnie is the constant giver, supporting her friends whenever they need her. But this time around it might be Bonnie who’ll need her friends. Her return won’t be an easy one.

“Bonnie obviously is going to come back having the scars of what she went through, being by herself for so long, just the post-traumatic stress of just having no one to talk to.” Dries explained. “So she’s going to be dealing with, like, the psychological ramifications.”

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Also, it will be really interesting to see how Bonnie handles her return now that Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen) is gone and off hunting vampires. She’s going to need a shoulder to cry on in the coming episodes and I can’t help but think that Damon is going to be the guy for the job. Executive producer Julie Plec said the Bamon reunion is going to be “beautiful.” I’m not so much convinced that Bamon as a romantic couple will be a go, but I do think their friendship is going to raise some eyebrows — namely Elena’s.

During our interview with the producers, they said that even though Jeremy’s character is gone from Mystic Falls, there will need to be some sort of closure between Bonnie and Jeremy. “There still will be, obviously, a conversation to be had or at least a reunion of sorts to deal with them once we finally get our Bonnie back,” Plec promised.

But it won’t happen right away. Jeremy is not, according to producers, in the funeral episode next week. Which we now know also serves as Bonnie’s homecoming.

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Watch the full TV Guide interview below.

Watch Bonnie’s return on the next episode of The Vampire Diaries, which airs tomorrow on The CW.


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