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The View reportedly prohibits Whoopi Goldberg from leaving the show

Is trouble brewing for The View again? After Rosie’s exit, it looks like another anchor wants to push back from the table but the network won’t allow it. Whoopi Goldberg is about to double-up on responsibilities instead.

Poor Whoopi!

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After years of sitting behind the table on The View and prattling on and on about celeb culture and current events, it appears as though Goldberg tried to make an exit. She recently signed on to a new sitcom and when she asked to take a break from The View, the comedian was denied. Technically, her contract with The View allows for her to do work outside of the morning talk show, so she’ll still be able to star in Delores & Jermaine. The actress simply won’t be allowed to duck out of her other obligations.

While speaking to Fox News, Goldberg patiently explained the situation she’s currently facing with The View.

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“I’m very happy. I’m working. I never put down the fact that I have a really good job, but I also have bosses. They make decisions… sometimes you don’t like them and you have to live with them,” Goldberg explained. While she was cautious with just how much mudslinging she attempted while setting the record straight, other remarks still managed to paint her bosses in an unforgiving light. “But it’s a lot of work to go and do two or three jobs at the same time. I’m getting older, and I don’t want to work that hard. So we’ll see how it all works out.”

After remarks like that, the first sign of fatigue that’s seen on Goldberg’s face will no doubt be blamed on The View‘s unmoving stance on her contract. Then again, from the very little we know about the show, it might be in her best interest not to cut ties with The View just yet. Delores & Jermaine‘s plot is pretty vague: Goldberg plays an ex-cop and grandmother who must adjust to living with the new generation when her grandson moves in with her. The new show could be cute, but seeing as how most pilots don’t succeed, perhaps juggling both shows for the time being might be in the best interest of her bank account.

Will The View stick to their guns, or back down and let the actress try something new? Guess we’ll watch and see.

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