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How Paloma Faith made the Brit Awards 2015

We were all rooting for Paloma Faith to win British Female Solo Artist, right? It had been a long time coming as the singer herself acknowledged in her acceptance speech.

To be exact 13 years. That’s how long it’s taken Paloma Faith to win a Brit Award. Or to be more accurate for the people who make those decisions to realise how completely amazing she is.

We’ve known that for a while. But her acceptance speech at tonight’s Brit Awards reinforced it for us.

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“I love Tracey Emin,” Faith declared, gazing in awe at the Emin-designed Brit statuette. “And I love women.”

“I’m sorry people have been doing short acceptance speeches but this has been 13 years in the making and I’m going to gob off a bit,” the “Picking Up The Pieces” singer continued.

She revealed that she’d “been arrested twice” for fly posting in Hackney for her gigs years ago and that it’s an “amazing feeling” to see her pictures all over Greenwich tube station.

“Flaws are what make people human,” the 33-year-old went on. “I’m a bumbling wreck. I might never be up here again which is why I want to dedicate this to all the underdogs and all the grafters.”

In an evening of super short, emotionless Brit awards speeches we definitely got our money’s worth from Paloma Faith.

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