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Terrence Howard’s ex-wife is allegedly threatening to kill him

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, but Terrence Howard’s ex-wife might be out for blood because she’s allegedly threatening to kill him.

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Howard and his ex-wife Michelle Ghent went through a very messy divorce in 2013, and she has alleged, on more than one occasion, that the Empire actor has physically abused her — a claim Howard firmly denies.

However, this time it is Howard who is reporting abuse because someone has been making some very serious online threats against him via Instagram. TMZ claims to have obtained a search warrant from the Los Angeles Police Department to determine whether Ghent is the person behind the Instagram threats.

The Instagram threats include messages such as, “I’m watching you! I’m coming for … LOL. You two won’t live to see your children.”

The “you two” part of the message is believed to be referring to Howard and his current wife, Miranda.

But that scary message is not an isolated incident; there is also another message targeting Miranda, which reads, “Your husband is cheating on you! Just thought you should know.” Another one shows a prescription pill bottle believed to have belonged to Howard, with the caption, “Oh dear, look what I found. Do hope you refilled. It’s one of the things you can’t leave home without.”

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So, why does the LAPD suspect Ghent of making the threats? Because, according to TMZ, the Instagram accounts posting the threats only have one follower… her.

Howard reportedly believes it is his ex-wife who is threatening him, and that’s why he filed the police report. According to TMZ, the actor said he has been receiving these creepy messages for a year. However, Ghent has told TMZ she is not to blame and also claimed she has spoken to the LAPD and is no longer a suspect.

What does the LAPD say? Apparently, it’s still an open investigation.

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