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Jessa Duggar wants to adopt: Does she ever want to bear children?

The sun may never set on the Duggars’ dynasty.

The Duggar family seems determined to keep growing, even if it isn’t the Duggar women who are giving birth. Jessa Duggar and husband, Ben Seewald, said they discussed adoption even before they were married.

Jessa told People magazine during their interview for the magazine’s upcoming cover story, “Even before we were married, we wanted to adopt.”

Seewald, a 19-year-old who also comes from a family with seven children, said, “Kids are so important. We hope to adopt a lot of kids. If God blesses us with biological kids of our own, it’s not going to quench our desire to adopt.”

Now, it is good, right and admirable to want to adopt children. There is an ever-growing need for more adoptive parents. I have no problem with them discussing or wanting to adopt a child or many children.

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But it just seems a little put on. A little forced. Having children (and a lot of children at that) is basically the main focus of not just their family but their entire religion and faith. Proof is in the actual name of their sect: Quiverfull. So, it just seems perfect timing for them to be talking about adopting babies since Jessa is not yet pregnant.

Need evidence? Seewald spells it out during the interview when he comes to the defense of his new wife after a younger sibling says she looks pregnant. He said, “Her sister is used to people in the family getting married and being pregnant right away. Of course she’s going to look at Jessa and says she’s pregnant.”

The (very young) couple got hitched late last year and by now, Jessa should have already announced her bun in the oven. Just like her good sister Jill, who was all but pregnant before she left the church from her wedding ceremony.

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Now, it could be a million reasons why she is not yet expecting. We don’t know what happens behind closed doors, we don’t know anything, and that is such a personal and intimate thing we couldn’t even begin to speculate. Infertility has been known to wreck havoc on couples, then add in the expectations of both families and an entire religion… seems like a lot for a young couple to take on if that were something they were struggling with.

From where we are sitting, it seems like all this “adopting lots of kids” talk seems like they might be getting some pressure from both of their very large families to get going on the procreation train ASAP, and this just might be their way of appeasing the masses of the baby-hungry Duggars.

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And here’s a thought: Maybe she just doesn’t want to have children just yet, and this way she can stave off the eternal and never-ending pregnancy she can look forward to for the rest of her childbearing years.

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