Taylor Swift, Jimmy Fallon get upstaged in their choreographed dance skit (VIDEO)

Jimmy Fallon’s hilarity just won’t quit.

And we never ever want it to.

This time he teamed up with his guest, none other than the Queen of Pop herself, Taylor Swift, to create a hilarious video for his one-year anniversary show as host of The Tonight Show.

It started with jealousy from Fallon. He said he was jealous that Swift has been dancing around at all the award shows without him. He said he missed their time dancing together at all the New York sporting events… and that they had been caught, often, on the dance-cam of the jumbotron.

The best part about this video: All the other people are totally hilarious!

Yeah, Fallon and Swift are chuckle-worthy during their flash dance scene, but they’ve got nothin’ on that guy in the green tie or all the guys dancing to “Cotton-Eyed Joe.”

Check it out.

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