Dakota Johnson stole some intimate things from the Fifty Shades set

Dakota Johnson has been making the media rounds lately.

She, of course, has been promoting her Valentine’s Day-released film Fifty Shades of Greyand in her latest interview, she revealed there were a few things from the set she just couldn’t live without after using them for the film.

What are they, you ask?

Well… she told Glamour magazine she pilfered panties.

Johnson admitted she stole “lots” of underwear and sexy lingerie. She said, “They were comfortable,” and she loved the way they felt.

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Well, I honestly think if you wear a pair of skivvies, especially in front of several hundred people on a film set, you should be able to keep them. I don’t really know if there will be an opportunity to reuse them? And I don’t think we want to know if that has happened in the past.

So, to us, those were Johnson’s undies after she wore them.

Just saying.

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So, what else did the submissive Ana Steele actress skive off with from the set? A flogger.

Yep. The actress took the BDSM implement, which she claims is now hanging in her garage and collecting dust.

Sure, Dakota, we totally believe you. *wink*

But seriously, when the magazine asked her how she felt about getting naked and intimate (and raunchy) in front of so many people she had the best and most empowering response ever.

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She said, “Even now there are moments when I think, ‘What the hell have I done?’ But most of the time I feel pretty solid about it.”

And with that, my friends, Dakota Johnson wins the internet.


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