Rihanna strips down in edgiest photo shoot we’ve ever seen (PHOTOS)

Rihanna somehow manages to make the intentional nip-slip chic in her new photo spread for AnOther magazine.

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Between her sharply cut hair and her dark outfits, the futuristic feel of the fashion seems to be more like something you would see in a multimillion-dollar feature than in the pages of a magazine.

The singer even gets a little Fifty Shades with some leather straps, masks and plenty of skin.

Rihanna has proved time and time again that she isn’t afraid to get a little scandalous in the name of being fashion forward.

The looks all come from Alexander McQueen and are said to be inspired by layers of the past, present and future. That wool cap (below) definitely counts as a throwback.

As for this cap-sleeve glittering crop-top-meets-collar-meets-straps (probably my personal fave of the looks), it’s all future blending the edgiest of the current trending styles.

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She had to have fallen on her face at least once in those shoes. Am I right?

Last year, when Rihanna covered Vogue‘s March issue, the singer talked about her fashion rules, “If I’m wearing a top, I don’t wear a bra. If I’m wearing a bra, I just wear a bra.”

She continued, “When I was thirteen or fourteen, I didn’t want to wear what my mom wanted me to wear. I was very much a boy in my style, my demeanor. All my friends were guys. I loved things that boys did. I loved being easy with my clothes.”

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And while the singer said that mind-set has continued to influence her fashion to this day, we would say McQueen is far from the jeans and T-shirts of her tomboy years.

To see the most racy photo from the bunch, with Rihanna’s nipple on full display, head over to AnOther magazine’s website.

Do you think Rihanna’s photos are fashion forward or too scandalous for print?


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