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The Walking Dead‘s first gay male character: What you need to know

After Robert Kirkman dropped hints on The Talking Dead that the show would be introducing its first gay male character, fans have been waiting for it to happen and it looks like it finally has.

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In the most recent episode, Sasha and Maggie were sharing a special moment together, commiserating over the recent losses they suffered, when a strange man came out of the woods. His name is Aaron and, if the comic books are anything to go by, he is that gay character fans have been waiting for.

Using the comic books as a reference, here are some details you need to know about Aaron. Be warned: These facts could be considered spoilers since the show does tend to follow the comic series pretty closely.

He really is a good guy

Admittedly, Aaron’s first appearance on the series was massively creepy and the survivors have every reason to be wary after all that has happened to them. But Aaron really is a good guy and he’s only looking to offer help when he comes across the group.

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He’s a recruiter for a Safe-Zone

Aaron lives in a Safe-Zone in Alexandria, Virginia, and that is where he is hoping to bring the group. His job is to go out into the walker-ravaged world and pick up survivors to offer them a new, much safer, life.

He has a boyfriend named Eric

Aaron’s boyfriend is also his partner and protector. When Aaron approaches new groups to ask them to join the Alexandria Safe-Zone, he does so with no weapons. He first watches a group before approaching to ensure that they aren’t, you know, sadistic cannibals, but he is still taking a bit of a risk. However, the risk isn’t as bad as it would seem. Eric hides and acts as backup, taking out anyone who threatens Aaron’s life.

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His arrival signals change

If the show continues to follow the comics, Aaron’s arrival means that things are about to change, big-time, for Rick and his group. They are heading into a new place with new people and new challenges. This step will bring the show into yet another new direction.

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