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13 Awesome things you missed on The Big Bang Theory since you stopped watching

CBS’ The Big Bang Theory continues to be one of the most-watched shows in America. There’s still a huge contingency of people who understand the draw of watching four geeky dudes try to survive. Truth: it’s relatable and fun for everyone.

Whether you realize it or not, there’s plenty to love about The Big Bang Theory. Here’s what you’ve been missing if you’ve ignored the nerdy sitcom, or just stopped watching it as a weekly ritual.

The Relationships
Howie and Bernadette are married now

Bernadette Image:

Admittedly, it was hard to like Howard in the very beginning. And, yes, sometimes Bernie’s voice can be a little, well, grating. But the way they love and support each other while still remaining fun and sarcastic is just too fun. They completely rearranged their wedding so that they could get married before Howard went to space. But this moment was pretty much the best moment of their relationship:

Amy and Sheldon had a seriously big moment

Penny Image:

We’d probably never sign up for the kind of relationship that Amy has with Dr. Cooper. However, it’s highly amusing in its own right. After years of “dating,” Sheldon even recently shared some very important and sweet news with Amy. No, we’re not crying! It’s just this California smog.

Penny and Leonard are finally engaged

Penny Image:

Ugh. Leonard. Is there anyone on television more loving and lovable and yet completely undesirable? It takes a special girl to love the overeager and insanely sensitive Leonard, and that girl is Penny. After plenty of back-and-forthing, Penny and Leonard are finally engaged. Will they make it to the wedding, though?

The Friendships
Sheldon and Leonard are navigating being roommates and boyfriends

Leonard and Sheldon Image:

How does Leonard live with Sheldon? Better question: whatever encouraged him to consider the tall weirdo one of his friends? They’re almost opposites, except for the nerd-dom they’re passionate about, and then they’re practically soul mates. Of course, the roommate agreement helps. Can you imagine what their roommate agreement will look like once Penny and Leonard get married?

Howie and Raj’s friendship still raises eyebrows

Raj and Howard Image:

We spent a few seasons waiting for these two to end up together. Now Howard has Bernie and Raj has his dog… and hopes of a girl. Their friendship may seem a little strange to most bros. But if it were two girls acting that way, no one would think twice. And, yeah… they’re still entirely too close, even with Bernadette in Howard’s life.

The girls’ cattiness is starting to show

Girls Image:

I could stick to my feminist guns and say women never get catty, but we’d all know it was a lie. The friendship between Amy, Bernie and Penny transcends cattiness, though. Sure, they have their gossipy moments and yes, they spat. But, they’re human. They’re also completely different from one another and yet still capable of being kind.

Penny is getting her life together

Penny Image:

When we first met Penny, she was a complete mess. Her one saving grace: her love for Leonard and his unfailing love for her. No matter what obstacles she faced (ex-boyfriends, failed acting career, terrible jobs), she found a way to fight back — usually after a pep talk from her boy. These days things are going pretty good for her. She has a snazzy new haircut and has taken a job as a pharmaceutical rep, thanks to Bernadette’s help.

Raj talks to girls now

Raj Image:

He’s not always the most eloquent and he’s still not having the greatest luck on the dating scene, but he’s talking, and he’s trying. And it’s funny! We’re totally rooting for Raj and Emily, his newest girlfriend. Check ’em out:

Some things never change

Of course, throughout the series, some things have stayed the same and that’s perfectly fine as well. From their geeky obsessions to their perfect one-liners and the things they do for fun, the BBT gang wouldn’t be the same without these.

The weird obsessions

All right, fine. Yes, it’s still a show about nerds. And, yes, sometimes the math and science jokes are over our heads, too. But how can you not laugh at grown men in costumes or chugging at trains?

Sheldon Image:

Flash Image:

Howard and Bernadette Image:

Most important: the rock, paper, scissors update you’ve been missing

Rock paper scissors Image:

A quick refresher on how you play:

The comebacks

Sure, the show is smart, but it’s also funny. We trolled through the interwebs to supply you with some of TBBT‘s best one-liners.

For encountering your frenemy at a bar


For post-meltdown memes


Instead of “#NailedIt”


Ready to get back in the viewing saddle?

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