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Amber Rose calls Khloé Kardashian a ‘plastic hoe’ in heated Twitter feud

Amber Rose and Khloé Kardashian’s claws are out, and their Twitter feud is getting seriously nasty.

It all started when Rose, whose real name is Amber Levonchuck, recently gave an interview to Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club. And when asked by the show’s hosts what she thought of Tyga’s rumored relationship with Kylie Jenner she did not hold back, calling Jenner a “baby” and saying that Tyga “should be ashamed of himself.”

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Kardashian, for her part, was not impressed with the comments about her sister, so took to Twitter to call out Rose, quoting an interview she gave about being a stripper.

Kardashian then went on to tweet several messages about how Rose should not speak about them during her interviews.

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Rose fired back with a meme of Kanye West, which reads, “When ur sister in law calls out your ex for being a stripper, but your wife has a sex tape.”

And the feud did not end there, because after Kardashian said that Rose “can’t even wait 10 mins before mentioning one of our names,” the model fired back with some serious insults.

Rose is bringing up the old rumor that Khloé is not actually a Kardashian because Kris Jenner allegedly had an affair with O.J. Simpson.

We’re not sure if that’s the end of the feud, but Rose’s final comment hints at that.

As for Tyga and Jenner’s rumored romance — which started this whole feud — the “Bubble Butt” rapper insists that there is nothing going on between them.

Speaking during an interview with Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club, he said, “No, I’m not dating Kylie. I wanna be clear to everybody, I didn’t leave my family to be with Kylie. That’s ridiculous.

“Me and [Blac] Chyna, we broke up almost close to a year [ago] now. Because of the decision we made, and things in our relationship that were not going right, [we] decided to split to raise an emotionally stable kid,” he added.

Tyga also went on to explain that the only reason everyone is so interested in him all of a sudden is because he now lives next door to Kimye.

“It’s because [of] what people make it seem… and TMZ, you gotta think, TMZ didn’t really care about me until they figured out that I live next door to Kim [Kardashian] and Kanye [West] and all that stuff,” Tyga explained, adding that “People just want to make a story out of it.”

Well, there you have it.

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