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Pregnant Jill Duggar booze-shamed for Valentine’s Day photo (PHOTO)

There’s no way we were ever believing this.

If there is one thing we can say about Jill Duggar and her new husband Derrick Dillard, it’s that they would never do something so heathenish.

Duggar and her hubby tried to spend a nice evening together on Valentine’s Day.

All was well with the newlyweds when Dillard posted a photo to his Instagram account (because your Valentine’s Day didn’t happen unless you share your gifts and celebration with the internet). Instagram then proceeded to lose its mind… as usual.

Now the photo is pretty innocuous, albeit very “Duggar-y,” and included a candle and some sweets, a photo of the couple and also… gasp, two Champagne glasses and what fans thought was a bottle of wine!

Also and most interestingly, there was a Bible, open and poised for the reading. The perfect Duggar Valentine’s night.

The flutes and bottle soon sparked an intense debate over the contents of said bottle. Is it wine? Is it sparkling cider? What is it!?

It is clearly a bottle of sparkling cider, but that didn’t and hasn’t stopped fans from chiming in.

Derrick Dillard Valentine's photo comments

Derrick Dillard Valentine's photo comments

Clearly fans are mixed about if women can drink while pregnant and if christian can drink at all…

Even if the 19 Kids & Counting star wasn’t pregnant, her fans’ fears are unfounded. The large, conservative clan doesn’t drink any alcohol at all as it is a forbidden indulgence in their beliefs.

So, chill people, she’s not drinking while pregnant, or any other time for that matter.

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