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Wiz Khalifa is questioning Amber Rose’s parenting

It is just not a good news week for Amber Rose.

While the heated Twitter blood-feud still rages on between Khloé Kardashian and the bald-headed model, her estranged husband is now garnering support to file to have the custody of their 2-year-old son, Sebastian, changed.

According to TMZ, Amber Rose’s ex, rapper Wiz Khalifa, claims Rose is often out late and leaves their son in the care of relatives and staff. He says she is failing to care for him properly. Chief amongst his many claims is that she spends very little time with Sebastian and that she has a toxic relationship with her mother, which often leads to, “shouting matches and vulgar exchanges” and upsets their son.

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He, according to the gossip site, has not yet filed any legal documents officially, but he is trying to gather the support of friends and family members to back up his filings.

The rapper took to Twitter, of course, to air his grievances with his ex and her treatment of their son, and the position he believes she is putting the toddler in to spite him.

He claims she “did something” to the child, but we don’t know from the exchange what that might be. He is, according to TMZ, trying to “get more” custody of their son, but not necessarily full custody.

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Rose has long claimed she is focusing on her relationship with her son and that dating is not a main priority for her since her split with Khalifa. But in an interview given earlier this week on Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club (the same interview where she slammed Kylie Jenner sparking the Twitter feud), Rose said Khalifa was the love of her life and that she doesn’t count out getting back together with him.

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Well, it seems, at least from his tweets, the feelings are not mutual.

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