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Is Ariana Grande trying to redeem her image with the ‘One Last Time’ video?

Yes, Ariana Grande is an undeniably talented performer, but she’s had one heck of a time controlling her image over the past year.

The tiny girl with the large voice inevitably drew various Mariah Carey comparisons, but not all of the parallels drawn have been positive. Over the course of 2014, rumors began flying that Grande not only possessed Carey’s vocal range and power, but that she had also adopted some crazy diva behavior that rivaled even that of the legendary “Vision of Love” songstress.

From having assistants carry her like a baby and feeding her like an infant bird with a straw, to getting violent with Giuliana Rancic to make sure the camera got her good side, anecdotes of run-ins with Grande ran rampant on the internet and they weren’t pretty.

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Grande has denied gossip in the past, but in her new video for the single, “One Last Time,” the singer might be making an artistic attempt to do some damage control in terms of the way the public perceives her. In the vid, Grande is a greatly toned down version of herself, who bravely forges her way through some scary and violent situations while dressed in a completely un-diva-like manner. Clad in a dark hoodie and jeans, Grande climbs her way to a rooftop to be with her true love at the end of the world as we know it. It’s a far cry from her overly sexualized, cringe-worthy video for “Love Me Harder.”

Image: Ariana Grande Vevo/YouTube

Grande’s reputation may have taken a beating by the media over the last year, but one thing remains for certain: The pop star still has a solid fan base who demonstrate their loyalty on Twitter. The social media site has blown up with tweets by “Arianators” who are proud of their idol.

What do you think? Was this video an intentional move to combat her diva reputation?

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