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There Are a Ton of Sexist Commercials — And Women Aren’t the Only Targets

It’s no news flash there’s a ton of Super Bowl commercials that are totally sexist against women. From practically naked Victoria’s Secret Angels to even more naked models eating Carl’s Jr. burgers, it’s safe to say we’re bombarded by some seriously degrading ads on Super Bowl Sunday.

But women aren’t the only targets of modern advertising. That’s right, men are fair game when it comes to sexism, too. They’re often depicted as either idiots or hyper-masculine (or both), and when it comes down to it, even the commercials that seem to bash only women are actually inadvertently calling men idiots because advertisers assume all males are simpleminded enough to buy into the images about women being presented.

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Here are some examples of commercials that are sexist against men.

1. Old Spice — “Nightclub”
Most of Old Spice’s commercials are totally bizarre, but this one is a bit offensive. Don’t get me wrong, it’s totally sexist against women, too, but the reference to men as brainless robots is unmistakable.

2. Samsung Smart TV Evolution Kit commercial

We get it, we get it. Males are unevolved, filthy, burping, flatulent cavemen, but with the help of a woman and little technology, they can become fully domesticated!

3. Hanes — “Paste”

Furthering the idea that men are completely incapable of completing domestic tasks — like caring for children or even dressing themselves — this Hanes commercial depicts men as lovable doofuses who women have to continually clean up after.

4. Chevrolet — “Sexier”
Through a series of commercials that depict fake focus groups, Chevy attempts to make every male in America think that kids, mature people, attractive single women, rich housewives and other guys will not perceive them as real men unless they drive a truck. They will not be able to protect other men’s daughters or appear ruggedly attractive if they drive a compact sedan. How demeaning (and false) is that?

In this particular commercial, a bunch of women sit around and bag on a guy who prefers a smaller car over a huge, gas-guzzling truck. A guy who doesn’t drive a truck isn’t sexy. Right.

5. Sarah Silverman and Chelsea Handler for Wi-Fi calling from T-Mobile

Silverman raised some eyebrows with a classic case of reverse sexism by uttering the line, “Sorry, it’s a boy,” towards the end of this 2015 Super Bowl spot. Twitter lit up with disdain for the gender bashing, asking why it’s not OK to tell someone they play “like a girl,” but it’s funny to bash a baby’s gender.

6. Miller Lite — “Man Up”

Because you’re only manly if you drink beer and don’t give a shit about fashion. Worrying about clothes is for chicks.

7. Dr. Pepper 10 — “It’s Not for Women”

Yes, this ad is grossly anti-female, but it also manages to cram in an awful lot of harmful male stereotypes, as well. In what world would anyone want to run out and buy a Dr. Pepper after watching this commercial?

8. Doritos — “Time Machine”

Basically, men are idiots. Well, at least this guy is.

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Originally published February 2015. Updated February 2017.

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