Justin Bieber uses worst British accent ever to prank Belieber (VIDEO)

Justin Bieber pulled a fast one on a fan today using the dodgiest British accent we’ve ever heard — yet she still fell for it.

The Biebs appeared on The Ellen Show and explained how much he loves making prank calls. “I just love doing prank phone calls with my friends,” the latest Calvin Klein underwear model explained. “Like probably [one of my] top five favorite things to do.”

This gave DeGeneres a brilliant idea: prank Jacqueline Melanson, a University of Massachusetts at Amherst student who is a huge fan of both of them.

Watch Justin Bieber prank this college student

Make note of this, and as DeGeneres said, “If you get a prank phone call, don’t hang up — it could be Justin.”

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Of course, this isn’t the first time Bieber and DeGeneres have teamed up to play tricks on people. In fact, the Biebs was just on the show a couple of weeks ago and scared the crap out of audience members in the bathroom.

Watch Justin Bieber and Ellen DeGeneres scare audience members

Tell us: What kind of prank should Justin and Ellen play next?


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