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11 Game of Thrones Season 5 death predictions

George R.R. Martin revealed Game of Thrones‘ Season 5 deaths are straying away from the books during the Writers Guild of America Awards.

“People are going to die who don’t die in the books, so even the book readers will be unhappy,” Martin said, according to Showbiz411. “Everybody better be on their toes.”

And while I don’t know how many more Red Wedding or Purple Wedding surprises America can take (OK, lots more, but we all might just have heart attacks in the process), it is exciting to hear the show is mixing things up a little and adding some bloody spice.

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If you’ve read the books, you know the show is about to delve into some potentially long, drawn-out and, well, I’ll say it, boring territory. It’s clear even the author of the books wants you to know the show isn’t toning down the brutal excitement for Season 5. So here are the characters I think may be getting the ax.

WARNING: Season 5 spoilers below. Don’t continue reading unless you want some dirt on what the show has in store.

1. Littlefinger

Now that he’s got this super-weird Sansa story line, it’s only a matter of time before she gets the heck out of The Veil and finds herself a backbone. Poor Sansa’s troubles are far from over, but her trouble with Littlefinger could be coming to an end.

2. Stannis Baratheon

Sure, if you’ve read the books, you know Stannis kind of, sort of, does serve somewhat of an important purpose coming up. But do we really think he’s destined to be the next king? Uh, no. Not in a million years. Which means he doesn’t really stand a long-term chance.

3. Melisandre

We haven’t seen much of the Red Woman in a while, let alone her demon spawn. And while I don’t really want her to die before we get some sort of mystical explanation, Game of Thrones really seems to like to keep the magical elements covered with this layer of uncertainty. The show may just kill Melisandre to keep us all confused when it comes to how deep the magic of the show runs.

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4. Olenna Tyrell

I love the badass grandmother. And I really don’t want a King’s Landing without her witty spite, but Margaery can’t be a virgin forever, just like Olenna’s games can’t continue without someone stopping her, eventually.

5. Mance Rayder

There are rumors that the show is scrapping a lot of Mance’s story line coming up, which means his fate isn’t looking so hot. As the leader beyond the wall, he’s a prime target for those Wildlings looking to gain some easy power.

6. Daario Naharis

If you’ve seen the Season 5 photos that have been leaked, then you know Dani is getting married — and not to her lover Daario. While he has taken a bigger role in her council now that poor Jorah is disgraced, Daario’s safety is far from secure.

7. Gregor Clegane (aka The Mountain)

Just because he beat The Viper doesn’t mean he’s magically healed. The Mountain has a tough road ahead and it very well may be a journey he doesn’t come back from. Would that just be fate? Plus, then it would leave the option open for Tyrion to say the duel was, technically, a draw, since neither man came out alive.

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8. Ramsay Bolton

Most of the time in the show, we see the motivation behind a character’s madness. For example, Cersei is ruthless, but she’s doing everything to stay alive and keep her family alive. It’s not the same for Ramsay. He’s just brutal. And a psychopath. Which means he’s volatile. It wouldn’t surprise me if Roose Bolton was, in fact, the one to do the deed. The whole thing is that messed up.

9. Theon Greyjoy

Really, how much more can Theon take? Enough said.

10. Brienne of Tarth

While I would love to see Brienne and Jaime live happily ever after in a super-awkward fairy tale, let’s be honest, Game of Thrones isn’t really about happy endings.

11. Bronn

When characters in Game of Thrones betray their allies they don’t tend to last long. Think about it, what use is he to the Lannisters now? Bronn broke his word and the house isn’t likely to keep around someone so distrustful. I really don’t see him settling down in the countryside somewhere with a happy family. It just wouldn’t be Game of Thrones‘ style.

Who do you think is on the Season 5 chopping block?

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