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Jessica Simpson has Fifty Shades-inspired V-Day with hubby (PHOTOS)

Jessica Simpson has been through the public ringer so many times I’ve lost count.

Her weight, her looks, her relationships, her umm… ill-thought-out comments (“Is this chicken or fish…?”), her weight. Did we mention people obsess about her weight? Yeah, they do. Shocker.

So it is no surprise that the now-svelte mom and mogul wants to post photos of herself looking all kinds of sexy with her too-hot beau as they celebrate their first Valentine’s Day as husband and wife, but it begs the question, “Doesn’t anyone want any part of their lives to be private anymore?”

Simpson took to her Instagram account yesterday to post some very Fifty Shades of Grey-esque photos of her herself and her husband, Eric Johnson, and she included the hashtag, “#FIFTYSHADESOFJOHNSON.”

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Now, I don’t know if she is telling us that her husband is all kinds of messed up like Christian Grey is in the famed book or if she is just trying to be provocative or what. But one thing is for sure: She looks damn good.

Here is my problem with the photos, though.

These seem like really private and intimate moments she is having with her husband. They look perfectly lit and staged, so it appears they are a professional shoot, which isn’t a problem either. I think it’s great for couples to get steamy with each other for the camera. But those photos should be for each other, not to share with the world.

Save something for yourselves, people! Stop giving everything in your life, even your most intimate moments, to the entire world.

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So, while I totally think she (and her husband) look fabulous, do we really need to have these posted to her Instagram? Can we go back to having private lives? Or has the internet taken all privacy from us? Are we too far gone into the get-famous-by-posting-sex-tapes world to come back?

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What do you think? Should she have kept these photos for herself? Or is her brand too ingrained and reliant on her looks that she needs to put them on display like this? (And, of course, the one question you are all wondering: Where on earth does he have his hand!?)

Sound off in the comments.

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