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SNL 40 delivers an epic, all-female Weekend Update (VIDEO)

Let’s hear it for the girls! Saturday Night Live had three female anchors for its Weekend Update, and we approve.

One of the original anchors on the desk, Jane Curtin, joined Amy Poehler and Tina Fey to report the wacky news in the way that only SNL can do. It was a moment that truly marked how far the show had come in 40 years.

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Though the series was known for pushing boundaries to the point of making some people uncomfortable, even on its very first episode, there’s no denying that times were different back in 1975 when women were just barely breaking into news. In fact, it wasn’t until a year after Saturday Night Live first premiered that Barbara Walters would make history by becoming the first female co-anchor to appear on an evening news program. That same year, Jane Curtin was also added to the Weekend Update news desk.

Tonight’s reunion episode showed us women that we’ve come a long way. Saturday Night Live has always thumbed its nose at convention and seeing all ladies behind the Weekend Update desk was like flipping the proverbial bird at the people who would have been shocked by it when the show first aired.

Also, it was just plain funny. Poehler began the mock broadcast with this gem:

Saturday Night Live turns 40 this week with a live broadcast that won an Emmy in the first 10 minutes and then lost it somewhere in the middle.”

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Fey had a couple of zingers of her own, including this one: “Viewers of Saturday Night Live span several generations, from the baby boomers to Generation X, all the way to whatever you call the little dummies who are live-tweeting this right now instead of watching it.”

Not to be outdone, Curtin came out with: “Over the course of Saturday Night Live‘s 40-year history, 11 films have been made based on its characters, which adds up to a record-breaking 22 thumbs down.”

Curtin also took a shot at Fox news, quipping that she used to be the only blond woman on TV doing fake news and now there’s a whole network devoted to it.

Heck, even some of the guests were female. The anchors invited Emma Stone to come up and do an impression of her favorite character. Stone then did a pretty spot-on impression of Roseanne Roseannadanna.

The guys weren’t left out, though. Next up, Edward Norton did his version of Stefon, originally created by Bill Hader. Then suddenly there were two Stefons when Norton was joined by Hader himself. Seth Meyers even popped by for a quick second to spar with Hader’s Stefon.

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Just when it seemed things couldn’t get any more epic, Melissa McCarthy knocked on the door to do Chris Farley’s Matt Foley, complete with a checkered coat, glasses, hollering and a huge pratfall that broke the desk.

What did you think of the all-female Weekend Update anchors on SNL 40? Watch it below.

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