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Rosamund Pike may rock a terrifying yet genius Oscar dress (VIDEO)

Designing the perfect Oscars dress for Rosamund Pike all started with a very awkward situation at the BAFTAs.

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The Gone Girl actress explained to Ellen DeGeneres that she totes her 9-week-old newborn around with her to award shows — the baby was even backstage on Ellen’s show, being looked after by Rosamund’s hairdresser, she said.

And, since she’s breastfeeding, Rosamund explained that her dress at the BAFTAs made for what could have been an awkward run-in — she stripped down completely while backstage at the show in order to use her breast pump.

“It started off very organized… I’d bring a robe and I’d bring all the kind of gear and I’d change into slippers,” Rosamund dished. “At the BAFTAS on Sunday night, I was like ‘Oh, sod it,’ and I just [went] up into the chairman of the Royal Opera House’s office and just tried to put on the robe and it just wasn’t… I couldn’t do the buttons and I, like, whipped it off. I was just sitting there butt-naked with the double breast pump,” she added, cracking up as she recalled the scene. “If this guy had seen the kind of scene, it was as underhand as if we’d been taking drugs or something. But it was the most innocent, pure kind of [thing].”

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So, in order to avoid a similar situation at the Oscars, Ellen had a solution at the ready.

“We got you something for the Oscars, because it’s a long night. You can wear a shawl, if you want, to cover it up,” the host said as the surprise emerged from backstage: a floor-length, lacy beige gown… with breast pumps built right in.

“I can’t believe it,” Rosamund gushed. “That is what I need. You think this is a joke. It’s actually very, very close to the truth.”

All we have to say is, way to go mama Rosamund for putting the baby first during a very busy award season.

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Check out the full, hilarious clip below.

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