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Will Gary Busey face charges after hitting a woman with his car?

Gary Busey was in yet another car accident — and it could have been his most serious yet.

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The Daily Mail reports that Busey was pulling out of a parking space in a Malibu grocery store when he struck a woman with his car. According to TMZ, the woman was older. Busey allegedly didn’t see her as he backed up the car, and she had her back to the vehicle and so couldn’t see it coming. Luckily, the woman, who was knocked to the ground, had only minor injuries — she was treated by paramedics and then left by herself, the Mail reports.

Busey, who just won the most recent season of Celebrity Big Brother UK, suffered permanent brain damage when he crashed on a motorcycle without a helmet on in 1988. This latest accident comes just a week after Bruce Jenner was involved in a fatal car accident in California that killed one and injured seven. Jenner was not harmed.

According to The Daily Mail, Busey’s career has been marked by controversy. In 1995, he was arrested for cocaine possession after a near-lethal double overdose of the drug and GHB. The charges were later dismissed.

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He was also arrested twice for alleged abuse of his ex-wife, Tiana Warden, in 1999 and 2004.

Amid his brushes with the law, Busey has turned to religion — he became a practicing minister and served as a counselor for contestants on the popular show Celebrity Rehab in 2008, including Guns ‘n’ Roses drummer Steven Adler and Rod Stewart’s son Sean.

As of Friday, there was no information available about whether Busey would be charged for his latest accident. Since no one was seriously injured, the actor likely won’t face legal action unless the woman presses charges.

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What’s your take on this scary situation? Should Gary Busey face legal action for the accident? Or, since everyone was OK, do you think charges would be unnecessary? Head to the comments and let us know what you think.

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