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10 Times Taylor Swift’s copied Lana Del Rey (VIDEO)

Now that Taylor Swift has officially made the switch to pop, her new album, 1989, has drawn a lot of comparisons in sound and feel to Lana Del Rey‘s music. And Swift’s new music video, “Style,” may just be the most Lana Del Rey-esque yet.

Swift debuted the new video on Friday, and with its moody feel and smoky beach aesthetic, it’s hard not to be reminded of “Summertime Sadness” from Del Rey. But it seems that Swift has taken a few more pages from her fellow pop crooner, and we’ve catalogued them all here.

1. The white crop top

Lana Del Rey

2. The profile fog

Lana Del Rey Music Video

3. The sexy car drives

Lana Del Rey Music Video

4. The silhouettes

Lana Del Rey Music Video

5. The image overlay

Lana Del Rey Music Video

Images: Vevo/Lana Del Rey

6. Swift’s chorus for “Wildest Dreams” sounds a lot like Del Rey’s “Without You”

It’s also weirdly coincidental, since many fans are pointing out that the “Style” music video would fit better with “Wildest Dreams”.

7. They both love talking about bad boys

Taylor Swift Style

8. The filters

Taylor Swift Style

9. The vintage lace and red lipstick

Taylor Swift Style

10. The moody forest

Taylor Swift Style

Images: Vevo/Taylor Swift

Not that we blame Swift for taking some notes from Del Rey. The ladies both have that ’50s lovesick thing going for them, so it definitely works.

Watch Swift’s latest video for “Style” below.

What do you think of Swift’s new “Style” music video? Do you agree with the comparisons?

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