Prince Jackson pens touching letter to family, but is he really OK?

Feb 13, 2015 at 8:17 p.m. ET
Image: Nikki Nelson/

Prince Michael Jackson became a legal adult today, but that doesn't mean he's acting like one.

Michael Jackson's oldest son turned 18 today, and he posted a very mature missive to the family members who have meant the most to him over the years: His late father, Michael; his uncle TJ, who has done the brunt of the parenting since Michael died and his grandmother Katherine.

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But those mature words belie a still childish and troubled boy, sources tell Radar Online.

An insider said that family and friends are "worried about his rebellious behavior," especially because he has been hanging out with the worst of the worst: Justin Bieber.

"No one in his family seems to be able to control him, and… like any typical misguided teenager, Prince resents anyone telling him what to do and does the opposite of whatever Katherine and Joe say," the source said. "Because of who his father is, Prince considers himself an A-list celebrity and he gets very upset when he's not treated like one."

Kinda surprising intel about a kid who just likes to build snake cages and make jewelry, then post them on his Twitter feed. But anything is possible, especially for a kid raised in such crazy circumstances as he was.