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ABC to air Chris Harrison’s “brutal” interview with Andi Dorfman (VIDEO)

Chris Harrison is spilling the deets on his recent Andi Dorfman interview before it airs on The Bachelor this weekend.

Fans were shocked to learn that Dorfman and her final rose man, Josh Murray, had split just days after they appeared on the red carpet together for The Bachelor‘s premiere this season.

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Harrison even admitted he definitely didn’t see the split coming. “I got a lot of crap because everyone assumes I know all,” Harrison told People of the breakup. He continued, “The worst part is I asked them about their wedding date and all that stuff. I wish she had pulled me aside and I told her. I was like, [you could have] just said, ‘Don’t ask me about the wedding.'”

It sounds like the interview’s going to be a rough one, too. “It is the most gut-wrenching, emotional interview. It’s probably one of the most emotional interviews I’ve done on the show in 13 years. She is absolutely devastated. I mean, this was the man of her dreams, who she really was going to marry.”

When asked how she’s holding up now, Harrison didn’t hesitate in his reply: “Not well.”

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We can’t help but wonder what went wrong if they were that in love with one another. I almost feel guilty about my curiosity because I know what a trying time a breakup is, and to have the public so invested with you just has to be such a weight for both Dorfman and Murray. Maybe there’s hope of a reconciliation?

Harrison said it was actually the red carpet that really made the couple realize things weren’t working. “Sadly, being in LA and being around the show kind of convinced them it wasn’t happening,” he said.

Sunday night’s special episode will serve as a “Chris Tells All” segment, but current Bachelor Chris Soules and former Bachelorette Dorfman aren’t the only one who will be pouring their hearts out.

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Maybe most excruciatingly (but really), crazy Kelsey will be sitting down after she went home on last week’s two-on-one date. I have a feeling this interview will only serve a poor-me party for the spurned widow with an “amazing story.” Gag!

The Bachelor special, “Chris Tells All,” airs Sunday at 8/7c on ABC. The show will also air at its normal time with a new episode on Monday.

What do you think was the real reason Murray and Dorfman decided to call off their engagement?

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