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Katherine Webb gets body shamed by ‘middle aged women’ on Instagram

News flash: No one is perfect. No, not you. Not a single one of us. So when are we going to stop calling women out online for being imperfect?

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That’s exactly what happened to model, Katherine Webb, who had to defend her body after online commenters brutally attacked her — for being too thin, of all things.

The former Miss Alabama and wife of NFL quarterback, AJ McCarron, posted a photo to her Instagram. In it, she’s wearing a tiny black bikini — and she is rocking it. She looks great. Yeah, she’s thin. Most models are. But there’s nothing about her body that looks unhealthy. She looks fit and toned.

So why did internet trolls flock to the photo and make comments like “too skinny” and “someone please give her a sandwich”?

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And of all people, other women made some of those comments. Can’t we have each other’s backs? Luckily, Webb agrees that it’s completely unacceptable for anyone to try to make her feel bad about her body — and she let us all know when she fired back with a comment on the Instagram shot.

“To all of you who think I need to gain weight or eat more, I eat just fine. I am 5’11 so I have a lot more places to put my calories,” she wrote on Instagram. “I eat crap most of the time anyways.”

And to the women who chimed in with their criticism, Webb had even more to say.

“To all the middle-aged women who like to leave mean comments on my page about my body, you can gladly skip my page and go somewhere else,” she wrote. “I am tall, I eat just fine and also suffer from thyroid problems so don’t make fun of me or my body when you probably have problems of your own.”

All we can say is way to go. No woman deserves to be criticized that way, especially by other women. No one has a perfect body and Webb looks great just the way she is.

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What’s your take on Webb’s controversial Instagram snap? Do you side with her when she says people need to stop criticizing her weight? Or are you with the haters, thinking she looks too thin to be healthy? Head down to the comments and let us know what you think!

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