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JWoww’s F-cup boob job is both fabulous and fatal (PHOTOS)

Go big or go home. It’s pretty much the Jersey Shore motto.

It’s definitely the mantra of Jenni “JWoww” Farley, at least when it comes to her boobs. The reality star recently got herself a “10 year boob makeover” after giving birth to her beautiful baby girl, Meilani, last summer and she shared her reasoning behind the surgery on her blog.

“You know, they recommend changing them every 10 years and I’ve had them for 10 years, so it was time,” she wrote on her blog. “Now they are nice and bouncey (sic)!!! I kept them the same size, so they are still Fs.”

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Yes, that’s right, JWoww, who isn’t shy about cosmetic surgery, opted for an F. Not once, but twice. While it may seem crazy to some, we think JWoww looks fab and we decided to think up a bunch of fun “F” words, in honor of her cup size, that fit her figure flawlessly. See what we did there?

1. Ferocious — because those things are fierce.

2. Feminine — if her implants make her feel confident as a female and good about herself, then good for her! It’s not a choice every woman would make, but it’s a personal one and she looks great.

3. Fatal — because that extra weight on her front might be killer on her back!

4. Feral — they are wild! They’ve got to be hard to tame, but we’re sure JWoww has invested in a menagerie of top-notch brassieres with ample underwire.

5. Fickle — aren’t boobs always changing in size? JWoww also recently said that she’s yearning for baby #2, so those F-cups might soon be a G.

6. Foil — these puppies might be a foil to JWoww’s workout plans. The girl is super athletic, but it’s a well documented fact that it’s treacherous to run or jump when you are well/over-endowed.
7. Fortified — because no one can say that her boobies aren’t pumped up!

8. Fabulous — really, who could argue otherwise?

9. Fergalicious — Fergalicious definition: Makes them boys go loco. Enough said.

10. Fruitful — her husband, Roger, likes ’em, so we’re sure JWoww is reaping some rewards.

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11. Feisty — but isn’t that just JWoww in general?

12. Firm — you could definitely bounce a quarter off of those things.

13. Fascinating — for those of us who aren’t so endowed, JWoww’s implants are truly a sight to behold.

14. Felonious — lock her up, because those boobs should be a crime.

15. Flirtatious — the girl loves to flaunt her lady lumps, so there’s no doubt she’s down for a little attention.

16. Faux — what? They are.

17. Famous — JWoww’s boobs are right up there with Kim K’s.

18. Fancy — we’re pretty sure that Iggy Azalea would agree, but first things first, these aren’t the realest.

19. Flamboyant — you know the girls are getting that girl attention.

20. Fantastic — you have to admit, they are pretty extraordinary.

21. F***ing large — because, in a nutshell, this describes JWoww’s boobs to a T.

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