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Keanu Reeves pulls the classiest move in just 44 seconds (VIDEO)

Hey, ladies, chivalry is definitely not dead. And Keanu Reeves of all people is proving it without even realizing it.

Which is what makes him the ultimate gentleman.

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The Matrix actor pulled some super-charming moves on the subway in New York, not realizing that a fan had recognized him and was secretly recording the entire incident.

It started like any other subway ride. People filtered on and off without really making eye contact, most of them not even noticing that Reeves was chilling in one of the seats against the wall.

As the subway came to yet another stop, people left and more people got on, including a woman, who moved to stand next to Reeves, clutching one of those stripper metal poles for support.

After a moment, Reeves notices the woman standing and offers her his seat. She graciously accepts and Reeves moves to stand, going about his business and never once noticing the camera trained on his every move.

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Men, take note if you want to impress a girl, because Reeves just gained like a thousand hotness points.

This video also serves as a good reminder that people these days are always watching, whether you’re a celebrity or not. So check your ego at the door and take time to notice the people around you.

Check out the full clip of Reeves being oh, so dashing below.
Now, where do we find a man like that? Valentine’s Day is, after all, right around the corner and Reeves seems more than capable of treating a woman like a gem.

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It should also be mentioned that this video is from 2011, but the poster is sure to mention that reports still indicate Reeves is awesome. We have no doubt.

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