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Watch the Aloha trailer with Bradley Cooper — the film Amy Pascal trashed

The movie Aloha has an all-star cast.

With blockbuster names like Bradley Cooper, Emma Stone, Rachel McAdams, Bill Murray, Alec Baldwin, John Krasinski and Danny McBride, how could any movie be bad?

Well, we are finally able to judge for ourselves if we think the rom-com Amy Pascal trashed in the leaked Sony email scandal will be up to snuff or if it will be the catastrophic failure the former Sony exec railed about.

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The film, directed by Cameron Crowe, is his first in a while.

Aloha floundered for a few years in actor and script/name limbo. Honestly, it’s hard to beat his way too cute last film, We Bought a Zoo. And it was 15 years ago when he put out one of my favorite movies, Almost Famous (seriously, if you’ve never seen it, do yourself a favor, put it in your Netflix queue for this weekend, Valentine’s Day or not), but he did have a few relative duds in between, like Elizabethtown.

So, if Crowe has a history of producing (mostly) great movies, why all the hate from Pascal?

Maybe because she just liked bashing people in her emails? That is actually highly probable since that seemed to be all she did in her “professional” correspondence. There’s no way you’ve forgotten the Sony email leak scandal that brought down the Sony giant.

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Pascal had some pretty damning words about Crowe’s latest film. Her notes reportedly said, “It’s a wrap. There is no more to do. People don’t like people in movies who flirt with married people or married people who flirt… The satellite makes no sense… The gate makes no sense. I’m never starting a movie again when the script is ridiculous and we [all] know it.”


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I am personally a sucker for a romantic comedy, so I will probably see it, but honestly it doesn’t look that bad. And, at the very least, it doesn’t look any worse than any other relatively cheesy-but-we-will-watch-it-anyway rom-com.

Watch the trailer and let us know: Are Amy Pascal’s problems founded? Or is she just being her usually trolly self?

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