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Kris Jenner is doing something to distance herself from Bruce Jenner even more

Amid so many other major life changes for Kris Jenner, she is reportedly making one more major move.

This time, it’s to her name.

According to sources close to the family, the reality TV “momager” is going to be not just changing her name in the wake of her divorce, but she is going to be losing her last name altogether!

An insider told Radar Online, “Kris will only use her first name professionally. She thinks she can pull it off because the entire world knows who she is.”

It was widely rumored that the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star would change her name back to Kardashian, but she, if these sources are correct, would be joining the ranks of other one-name celeb monoliths, such as Cher and Madonna.

Now, I have mixed emotions about this.

On the one hand, I feel as if this is a great and empowering move to the recently beleaguered woman. It can’t be easy to have to deal with having been married for a long time to a man who now will be a woman (and there is absolutely no judgment there; it just has to be difficult). So to stand on her own as a strong, single woman is awesome.

I personally struggled with changing my name to begin with when I got married. Your name is a huge part of who you are. It’s not only how you identify yourself but how others identify you. So the fact that she feels strong enough in her own skin to take control over the way people address her I think is great. After all, the entire idea of taking your husband’s last name is so that you become his property. The word “Mrs.” is literally “Mr.’s”; it is possessive. So there’s that.

But I also don’t know how I feel about immediately casting her into the stratosphere with the other one-name giants previously mentioned.

I have a hard time reconciling the fact that, if we are boiling everything else down, she is arguably only known for exploiting her family for fame and money. So, I am hesitant to say she is “like” the other women who go by just a first name who have clawed and climbed their way to the top the hard way through years of blood, sweat and tears.

No judgment, again, just a little hesitation.

What do you guys think? Is her decision empowering? Or is it presumptuous that she thinks everyone will know her just as Kris?

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