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Jared Leto saves baby rhinos and steals our hearts (VIDEO)

The amazingness of Jared Leto knows no bounds.

His latest venture will not only make you want to run out immediately and adopt a puppy, it just might make your significant other jealous, too.

Recently, the 30 Seconds to Mars frontman and Oscar-winning actor made a visit to South Africa not as either of those things, but as one of the newest Global Ambassadors for the World Wildlife Fund.

Leto assisted the WWF in tagging and moving Southern White Rhinos to areas that are safer than areas that are known for poaching.

Oh, Jared….

He said, “My latest adventure in South Africa was as mind-blowing as always. Being that close to majestic creatures like rhinos and elephants reminds me of the deep connection and important responsibility we have to protect and shepherd these fragile species and their habitats. I’m committed and passionate about doing all I can to help ensure that these endangered animals survive, and will continue to encourage others to get into action as well.”

He tells us that every nine hours a rhino is killed for its horn and says that if something isn’t done, future generations will be learning about them from history books.

But wait, there’s more. Leto gave the Rangers cards that American kids have written, thanking them for protecting the animals.

Leto says in the video that he has a lot of passion for protecting our planet. He not only will be helping to protect rhinos, but he is also getting involved in curtailing the illegal trafficking of elephants, tigers and other endangered species.

Watch the entire touching segment here and just try not to fall totally in love with Leto and his man-bun.

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