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Jane the Virgin’s Justin Baldoni blew us away with this baby news (VIDEO)

I don’t think I’ve ever seen this many grown men cry at once. Ever.

And over a baby announcement?

Grab your tissues. It really is that precious.

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Jane the Virgin‘s Justin Baldoni announced that he’s expecting his first child with fellow actress and wife Emily Baldoni (formerly Foxler) in hands down the most adorable way we’ve ever seen.

More endearing than the actual announcement itself is the way friends and family react to the news. There are tears. There are screams of joy. There are falls to the floor. And there are most definitely hugs and laughs.

“I am so, so incredibly grateful for this job and for this new family,” Baldoni begins the video in front of his Jane the Virgin cast and crew, including leading lady Gina Rodriguez. “And I really feel that we have, like, a real family here. And I just wanted to give you guys all a gift just thanking you guys for such an amazing year. And here just, like, a really quick moment, a year in review.”

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The video then launches, highlighting the accomplishments of the show, including the two Golden Globes nominations. But the video ends with a clip from the show, when Jane first hears her baby’s heartbeat.

“Ah, well, that wasn’t the only surprise,” the video’s narrator tells us. It then pans to a different ultrasound… of the Baldoni’s getting an ultrasound of their own. And hearing their baby’s heartbeat. Cue the shock and excitement.

“I can’t breathe,” we’re assuming one of the soon-to-be-grandpas even says at the end of the video.

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At the very end of the video, the couple reveals the sex of their upcoming bundle of joy and their expression is adorable. They both gasp in awe as they discover whether it’s a boy or girl. But, apparently, the happy couple is keeping that part to themselves because they don’t read the results.

Now this is a baby that will be surrounded by love. Check out the full family reveal below. But you’ve been warned: Tissues are pretty much required.

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